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Raising Capital

​So, your business is taking off and you need to raise capital.  Congratulations!   

  • Did someone tell you to be careful about securities now that you want to raise money?
  • Are you  sure what you can do or how you can do it?

We can help you understand if your ideas to raise funds fall are ideas for issuing securities. If they are, we can show you what it takes to meet your obligations under securities laws.  If not, we can help you understand where those boundaries are.  Either way, you will be able to make fundraising decisions with more confidence and maximize the time you can keep moving your business forward.

We can also help you reduce the risk of future litigation over your fundraising, whether  things don’t go as planned or they go better than anyone dreamed.


Just Starting Out?

  • Do you need to put together the documents so your corporation’s founders all have their shares properly issued?
  • Do you understand when there might be tax consequences?
  • Do you know what you have to disclose?

While establishing the corporation and executing the shareholders’ agreements for the founders can be fairly straightforward, doing it wrong can create unforeseen consequences that include increased tax liability to individual shareholders.  Stellar Pacific Business Law can work with you and your tax specialists to structure your round in the best way for your company and your founders. We can help you with exempt transactions